Complex development of the Tiszapüspöki open plage
Project owner Name of organisation: Tiszapüspöki Község Önkormányzata Address: 5211 Tiszapüspöki, Fő u. 93. Contact person: Polgár István polgármester Phone: +36 56 445 000 E-mail:
Europe House
PROJECT BACKGROUND The Foundation for Enterprise Development in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County was established in 1991, with the primary aim of assisting the building of enterprise awareness, of creating an enterprise-friendly environment, of development of enterprises and of their joining to the circulation of the EU. The Incubation House of Szolnok was established in 8 buildings of the former army barracks in the municipality area of Szolnok. As a result of continuous development, by 2002 six buildings were reconstructed. The PHARE supported reconstruction of the Union House, operated by the Foundation was completed in 2006.
Project name Development of Medical and Wellness Toursim in Mezőtúr
Details of project owner Name of organization: Mezőtúr Város Önkormányzata Address: 5400 Mezőtúr, Kossuth tér 1. Contact person: Ács Bálint Phone: +36 56 551 955 E-mail:
Project name Complex development of thermal and medical toursim
Details of project owner Name of organisation: Municipal Government of Törökszentmiklós Address: 5200 Törökszentmiklós, Kossuth Lajos út 135/A. Contact person: Dr. Juhász Enikő mayor Phone: +36 56 590 420 E-mail:
Project name 2. phase of the infrastructure development of Mezőtúr Industrial Park
Details of project owner Name of organization: Mezőtúri Ipari Park Ltd. Address:5400 Mezőtúr, Kossuth tér 1. Contact person: dr. Halas Béla ügyvezető Phone: +36-56 354-684 E-mail:
Project name Use of renewable energy with the implementation of new wind power plants
Details of project owner Name of organization:Jászwind Ltd, Túrwind Ltd. Address:1137 Budapest,Szent István körút 18. 3.em 1. Contact person: Arany László Phone:+36 1-371-0142 E-mail: Nam of organization: Nyírwind Ltd. Address:4400 Nyíregyháza, Martinovics tér 2 Contact person:Juhász László Phone: +36 20-932-5320
Project name 40-home livable skansen on 7 hectares.
Details of project owner Name of organization: Kétpó Township Government Address: 5411 Kétpó, Almásy tér 1. Contact person: Boldog István Phone: +36 56 333 294 E-mail:
Project name “Healing” unemployment with Herbs
Details of project owner Name of organization: Jánoshida Local Government Address: 5143 Jánoshida, Fő út. 28. Contact person: Eszes Béla Phone: +36 57 558 060 E-mail:
Project name Jászság Archeological Skansen in Jászdózsa
Details of project owner Name of organization: Jászdózsa Local Government Address:5122 Jászdózsa. Szent Mihály tér 1. Contact person:Agócs Éva administrative clark Phone:+36 57 436 060
Project name Cserkeszőlő, development of spa services, accommodation, establishment of recreational park
Details of project owner Name of organization: Cserkeszőlő Local Government Address:5465 Cserkeszőlő, Köztársaság tér 1. Contact person: Szokolai Lajos, mayor Phone:+36 56 568 455 E-mail:
Project name Enterprise developmnet of Napenergia Ltd.
Details of project owner Name of organization: Napenergia Kft. Address:5300 Karcag, Külterület 14. Contact person: Soós Imre E-mail:
Project name „AGRIPPA PROJECT”
Details of project owner Name of organization: Zuba János engineer Representative of Renewable Energy Systems Address: 5630 Békés, Zöldfa utca 10. Contact person: Zuba János Phone: + 36 20 372 38 34 + 56 457 001 E-mail:
Project name Development of pellet plant
Project owner Name of organization: Local Government of Besenyszög Address: 5071 Besenyszög, Dózsa György út 4. Contact person: Balogh Zoltán Phone: +36 56 487 002 E-mail:
Project name Creation of Tourist and Recreational Centre
Project owner Name of organization: Local Government of Újszász Address: 5052 Újszász, Szabadság tér 1. Contact person: Molnár Péter Mayor Phone: +36 56 552-022 E-mail:
Project name Development of Tisza-bank Eco-tourism Visitor Centre in Rákóczifalva
Project owner Name of organization: Local Government of Rákóczifalva Address: 5085 Rákóczifalva, Szabadság tér 2. Contact person: dr. Vörös Mária Phone: +36 20 9929 422 E-mail:
Project name Possibilities of utilizing bio-mass in towns with less than 100,000 inhabitants
Project owner Name of organization: Local Government of Szolnok City Address: 500 Szolnok, Kossuth tér 9. Contact person: Kerling Attila Phone: +36 56 503 519 E-mail:
ACCESSIBILITY: Main Road 31 is located north-east, south-west direction of the Storage- and Logistics Industrial Park; Budapest is 95 km far. The MÁV railway station can be found right next to the industrial park, this offers an excellent facility for logistics purposes, furthermore there is a 6 m wide tar road with rainwater drainage next to the railway loading area. The M3 motorway in Hatvan is 40 km, in Füzesabony 45 km away.
ACCESSIBILITY: The storage- and logistics industrial park is located in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, in the municipality area of Jászberény town, 4 km far from the centre, between the major Roads 31. and 32.
Light industry, service and storage hall construction
Name of organization: Karcagi Industrial Park Ltd Address: 5300 Karcag, Kossuth tér 1. Contact person: Varga Nándor Phone: + 36 59 503 269; +36 70 946 3313 E-mail: Partners in project implementation; contacts Name of organization: INFO Ltd Address: Budapest XIV. Bartók Béla u. 105.-113. Contact person:: Jártas Antal Phone: +36 1 481 4530 E-mail:
Production and marketing of premium category bio poultry products
Name of organization: LASA Agrokultúra Ltd. Address: 5200 Törökszentmiklós Deák Ferenc út 189. Contact person: Ladányi Sándor Phone: +36 56 390 405 E-mail Partners in project implementation, contacts InnoRIK Észak-Alföldi Regionális Ipari Innovációs és Technológiatranszfer Központ Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. Address:5000 Szolnok, József A. út 83. sz. Contact person: Herczeg Istvánné Phone: +36 56 510 906 Agricultural producers
Refurbishment of the Tiszaörs Bath; expansion of accommodation
Name of organization: Local Government of Tiszaörs Address: 5362 Tiszaörs, Hősök tere 5. Contact person: Hatta József Mayor Phone: +36 59 513 051 E-mail:
Source of new energy - investment opportunities, up-to-date projects in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County

Thanks to a nationally unique initiative a project information database was created about our county, that is efficiently able to serve the demands of the market, project owners and helps the joining of the business world and economical development.

Our service presents the county development projects organized by sectors in a searchable, comparable version. Due to this unprecedented enterprise all information about investment possibilities and developments, important topical data for investors is available in one place.

Wishing everyone fruitful searching:

Tamás Karancsi - managing director
Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Regional Development
Agency Nonprofit Ltd.

The database separates the following sectors:

 R-D-I: One of the most significant sectors of the future is the research-development-innovation built on a high level knowledge base. The county can only become competitive on the market if the local enterprises adapt to new technology and changing demands.

Tourism: Unique natural values can be found in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, which can serve as a base to create various medical- and eco-tourist services. 
Industry: Many industries – mechanical industry, electronics, and chemical industry - have significant history in the county, which need constant innovation in order to develop. The required skilled labour and growing number of industrial parks ensures the technical background.

Renewable energy: Natural features of the region – soil, thermal water, high number of sunny hours, wind energy – are adequate sources of alternative energy.

Recycling: Reducing the production of waste is of growing importance nowadays. In the same way it is important to exploit the possibilities of recycling using innovative technology.
Agriculture & process industry: The county has one of the best agricultural potentials in the country, giving a good opportunity for the production of high quality bio-products, too.

Trade and services: Good opportunities for trade and modern businesses, development of info-communication services.

Jászberény micro-region
Jászberény micro-region
The micro-region has a very developed electronic and mechanical industry, paired with a remarkable supplier network. In the past years several multinational companies appeared in the Jászság; as a result of this, the Jászberény micro-region became one of the most dynamically developing areas in the county. The region is becoming more and more attractive for small- and mid-enterprises, the number of industrial parks is increasing, and there is further potential in creating knowledge parks in the future.
Karcag micro-region
Karcag micro-region
This is a typical agricultural area, most of which is cultivated. The conditions are favourable for growing cereals; besides this the region is the centre of the Hungarian rice cultivation and processing. From an economic point of view the Industrial Park of Karcag operating since 2000 is an important factor, which accommodates primarily transportation companies. The 56 oC thermal- and medicinal water of Berekfürdő and the open-air spa of Karcag, which is suitable for the cure of several illnesses, can be found here.
Kunszentmárton m.-r.
Kunszentmárton micro-region
The role of agriculture is outstanding in this area, the majority of local people are employed in this sector. The region offers exceptional facilities for producing material for bio energy production and for wind power plants. One of the greatest attractions of the region is the bath based on the local hot springs.
Mezőtúr micro-region
Mezőtúr micro-region
The centre of the micro-region is Mezőtúr, which has been the industrial and market centre of the surrounding settlements for centuries. More than 60% of the residents of the region live here. Plastic and electric spear-part production and mechanical industry, which has local tradition, are important in this area. In the leading agricultural area of Mezőtúr 97% of the land is cultivated.
Szolnok micro-region
Szolnok micro-region
The county seat, Szolnok, located in a circle of 25-30 km radius, is an important economic, cultural and medical centre. The micro-region is rich in renewable energy sources, there are plenty of thermal- mineral- and medicinal springs, ground and surface water sources; the land has favourable agricultural potentials. Traditionally, the industry of the area was built on machine industry, which is a significant element today as well. Due to the establishment of new industry – bio-energy, vegetable oil -, the surrounding of Szolnok is rapidly developing. The city offers excellent conditions for investors; in 2009 it won the Investor-Friendly Local Government title.
Tiszafüred micro-region
Tiszafüred micro-region
This micro-region has one of the best tourist potentials in the county; the second largest lake of Hungary is found here. While the services of Abádszalók are mainly specialized in water sports and catering facilities, the Bird Reserve of Lake Tisza and the Hortobágy National Park as part of the World Heritage attract the lovers of eco-tourism to the region. The thriving of sport and recreation is assisted by the 74 km long cycle track around Lake Tisza, which was built with European Union support.
Törökszentmiklós m.-r.
Törökszentmiklós micro-region
The location of the region is excellent from a transportation point of view, considering both the railway and road accessibility. With the construction of the Industrial Park of Törökszentmiklós, which accommodates remarkable businesses as well, conditions have been created for a local business-based supplier network. The region has excellent quality land, so mainly the agricultural land-use dominates.

The project was supported by NKTH

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